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Considering a career change? How does a salary of $75k/year sound? Our MRI Tech graduates in Louisiana make on average $30.93 hourly. There hasn’t been a better time to get your associates degree in radiology.

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How does a job with an average salary of $80k/year and a ton of respect sounds to you? If so, perhaps you need to consider getting an associate’s degree in radiology. According to a recent study by USNews.Com “MRI Technologists made a median salary of $73,410 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $87,280 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $61,030.” In fact, Pulse Education graduates in Colorado make on average $30.76 hourly. Recent world events has shine a light on the shortage of MRI & CT Techs. There has never been a better time to bcome a certified MRI Technologist. Pulse Instituted an MRI Tech School in Lehigh Acres Florida can help you get there quickly and affordably! And no hospitals are not looking for Syracuse University alumnae, they are in seach of candidates that are ready to work with minimum or no training. That is why there is such high demand for our alumni.

Since 2017 we has been the top choice technical school for Professional in the Healthcare field searching for MRI technologist training online. We have extended those capabilities by offering associates degree in radiology in Lehigh Acres Florida.

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4 influential factors that affect radiology tech salaries

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A radiologist technologist is a person in charge of imaging tests such as MRI, X-Ray, CT scanners, etc. They handle almost all the relevant tasks, including guiding the customers, operating the machine, and communicating the results to them. Thus, radiologic technologist salaries are highly desirable within the medical field.

That said, almost all radiology technicians make different salaries. This is because of a wide variety of factors that can affect a radiology technician’s salary. Here are some of the most prominent factors to keep in mind.

Education level

A radiology technician’s education level and degree are very important factors in determining his or her radiologic technologist’s salaries. In general, the higher their education level is, the better the pay will be. Radiology technicians with an associate degree tend to be paid the least, and those with a master’s degree tend to be paid the most. This is because a higher education level means that the radiology technician can take on more demanding tasks, and they can deal with more emergency situations.

Experience level

Almost equally important is the technician’s experience. Whether the technician has had extensive experience with the tasks will have a very large impact on their salary. This is because a radiology technician will need to be able to handle any possible situation in the imaging room. If they have experienced these situations before, they will be more well-equipped for dealing with the same situation in the future, keeping the imaging room safe and highly efficient all the time.

One of the most difficult aspects of a radiology technician’s work is to talk to patients. This is a skill that cannot be fully taught through classes and lessons. Thus, if a radiology technician is highly experienced in this skill, they will receive better salaries.


The next important factor is the specialization of the radiology technician. In general, the more specializations that a radiology technician can handle, the higher their salary will be. If they can take on MRI and X-ray scanning instead of CT scanning alone. Furthermore, their areas of expertise will have a small influence on their salaries as well. Radiology technicians who can handle breast sonography tend to receive more than those who handle bone densitometry.

Geographical location

Where a radiology technician is located as well as where they work will also be an important factor to take into consideration. As a general rule of thumb, the closer the radiology technician lives to an urban center, the more they make. Radiology technicians who live and work in rural areas will make considerably less than those living in urban areas.

For a radiology student, understanding how radiologic technologist salaries are calculated is a very important step they need to take, as it directly influences their livelihood. If you are looking for more information about radiology salaries as well as the life of a radiology technician, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pulse Radiology right away. We are always ready to help.

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