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Welcome to Pulse Radiology Institute.  We are here to provide entry into radiology for individuals outside the healthcare field and professionals looking to advance within their careers by educating, developing, and training.  Our MRI associates degree focuses on two main factors: comprehensive online education and onsite local clinical training.  With many years of experience in radiology education, Pulse Radiology Institute offers education from experienced radiologic technologists and MRI technologists with published literature in the field of radiology and MRI.  While most MRI schools require onsite attendance, Pulse Radiology Institute offers an Associate’s Degree program online for those who are currently working full-time jobs.

With that said, we feel that some of the best technologists have yet to enter the field of MRI yet.  With many professionals stuck in their day job, most wish they can change their career direction but are unable to due to the constraints of having to be onsite during specific times during the day.  Pulse Radiology Institute is the first to offer the sustainably to working a full-time job while pursuing your next career.  Our curriculum provides a comprehensive introduction to radiology and MRI and helps students gain the confidence to excel in a career in healthcare.  Between 2019-2029, there are expected to be approximately 16,800 jobs to come available through the United States in this growing medical industry.

Pulse Radiology Institute an MRI Tech School where your success is our tradition.

Pulse Radiology Institute is the newest school to become available to the market for aspiring MRI technologists and forecasts a strong annual graduation rate with high job placement rates.

Need Financing?  With Pulse Radiology Institute being a new school, our tuition rates are very competitive compared to brick-and-mortar educational institutions.  We focus on providing a high-quality, comprehensive education that is cost-effective for the student to change careers without a heaving financial burden.  If you would like to speak with our Admissions Office, complete our form above and our Director of Admissions or Campus President will contact you shortly.